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Love Is Daydreaming~

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A Sukisyo Rating Community~!
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All Members , Moderated
The Maintainers.

Mod: sephiraprincess
Co-Mod/Theme stamp maker: ladysoubi
Co-Mod: arizonaicerose
The Community.

hello everyone and welcome to the Sukisyo rating community~! :D this rating community is no different from any other. Become a member and fill out an application/survey (provided at the bottom). Members here will vote on you~
but please remember, you will be expected to vote even if you havent been stamped~ Also keep in mind that you will not be stamped until everyone ahead of you has been :O this keeps the voting up! so if you see that somebody isnt stamped ahead of you, please vote :D the last thing I would like to mention is that this community is for fun~ so have FUN! hehe~ ^-^
you can find who everyone else is stamped as in the MEMORIES section :D feel free to check it out! We have been found by ratelist
The Rules.

All Major Rules!
1) Absolutely no flaming.
2) Be honest with your application. ( I dislike liars.)
3) Put all your applications behind an LJ-Cut.
4) Vote for one character only.
5) Please try to avoid overuse that annoying Net text? (ex- "lyk, omg ur rents are nuts!")
6) Please bold your votes. ( how: text in the middle~)
7) Use the exact application given to you and give as much information as possible~!
8) To make sure you actually read the rules, put "Love Is Daydreaming" in your title.
9) You do not have to be stamped to vote, you just have to post your application.
10) Please don't complain if it may take some time to stamp you!
11) If you are not satisfied with your stamp, wait one week before refilling your application.. if you do so, try to fill out MORE information ( helpful things, not nonsense) ex- I enjoy animals (good) ex- puppies are so cute! (bad)
12) You are only entitled to ONE restamp!
13) depending on how many members there are this may take some time D:!
14) please become a member before you apply~!
15) even if you havent been stamped, VOTE !!
16) be patiant and respectful of us !
The Contact Information.

~*~if you need to get in contact with us, don't hesitate



YIM: blackrosekitsune
The Application.




Mirror Theme:
Who is your twin theme:
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The Way To Become An Afflicate.
if you wish to affiliate please follow these steps:
- post or comment on one of MY enteries and fill in the following information:
*Name of community*
*its purpose*
*affilate back?*
Thank you!

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