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Even though I have indeed read the rules, I am not exactly posting an application...hence the alternate entry title. I am also unsure whether it is appropriate for a non-stamping Community to affiliate, so I chose to advertise instead; as per most Communities, Maintainers and/or Moderators may feel free to delete this entry if it violates any unspoken rules here

Just wanted to let any lingering Sukisho fans out there know that the sukisho Community is being updated with full translations of the game, which will give everyone more comprehensive understanding of the characters for stamping; the project will also include dossiers of each character compiled from various sources (Japanese Wikipedia, artbooks, game guides et cetera) as well as possible translations of anything else that members can get their hands on (novels, dramas et cetera). Please look upon us well; we would greatly appreciate your support!

To make this entry somewhat relevant, I would be quite interested in re-stamping myself (since I'm quite sure that I'm anyone but Sora now ^^;) if activity holds here; hopefully the revival project over at our Community can bring Sukisho fans back together again for another run that is even better than the last. With that, I hope everyone is doing well and that I might see a few faces appear (whether here or at sukisho); best wishes and many thanks!

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So, it seems to be quiet here. Can I ask for suggestions of stamping themes that you think would be awesomely intersting to check out? Any at all? It would be so sweet if we could have your input.

Also below we still have the relationship theme going on if ya wanna be a part of that one.

Modly Post

Hey there, everyone. Thanks to arizonaicerose for all the help. We have a new affiliate. Welcome 07ghost_rate for the manga and anime...

Also we have a new theme going on. It's a relationship one. SO far there is one application for it below this post and vote for anyone else who needs votes. I will be going through this weekend onw ho needs to be stamped.
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Wow...It's been so quiet lately here. I have a question? Would everyone like it if we were to start a monthly stamping theme. Where every month there is a new stamping theme? It's in the talks between Seph and me...And wanted to see what others thought. if you have any suggestions just list them here and we'll see!

And with that a new shiny STAMPING THEME!

So me and Seph decided to make a relationship theme by looking at you and your friend. You may have seen these around well we decided to have fun with it. But first rules!

1. This is a two person theme, so run like a chicken without a head to find a friend (also check out the second rule for more on this).

2. Only one person needs to be a stamped member here. Also only you need to be a LJ member. Meaning that if you are going to post the theme then you must be stamped. Sorry but you can quickly post up a regular appy and we will vote as quickly as possible! And it also means that if your best friend has never heard of LJ it's all cool. Just give her the application to fill out.

3. If both applicants are members then both need to vote on at least 2 applications. (4 total, and make sure that each of you vote on each application later on)

4. To prove that you have read the rules put something with 'relation' on the subject line

5. You may apply more then once with the theme, however we ask that it is a different friend each time. Restamp applications will come in later.

6. Remember that when you vote you are voting on which relationship you feel the two are, not their favorite characters- don't let that sway your votes. Also it does not have to be a cannon relationship, if you see a 'crack-ier' relationship feel free to vote it (which is the reason the stamps are not premade).

And now for the fun application, this is kinda borrowed from other relationship aplications out there, so credit to them too! Make sure you remove the stars, or our LJ won't work! ^_~  And of course have fun!

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Hello again from the great beyond! 


Or so it feels like! 

Sorry for not being around, studying has been my main thing this month getting ready for a HUGE test in Feb.

Anyways I wanted to say that all people have been stamped. If you see something wrong, or got the wrong stamp please let me know and I will be more then glad to make it right.

Also see the post below for all the stamping themes, and now is the time to go if you want to get restamped (unless you were just stamped).

Please feel free to have fun here!


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Hello again! Sorry for being gone for a lil while, school got the best of me so I became a bad bad co-mod! *hangs head*

Anyways I went through and I think I got everyone! Please if I made a mistake and missed you please poke me with a link. Or if you got stamped as the wrong person just let me know- unless you like the stamp you got on accident instead of who you were voted as. At least until we find the mistake.

We also have two people who need stamps- the only two it seems- look_only_at_me and tokyo_gurl

So if you haven't seen all of our themes we have-

~The normal theme- the appy is in the profile.

~Matchmaker theme- the appy is here

~Mirror theme- just post pictures and let us see who you look like. Somewhere in the subject line should be 'twin.' And being creative is always fun. ^_~

So feel free to talk here if you want. Or if you have any other ideas for appy themes feel free to post the ideas here. We are always looking for new ideas and more minds means more ideas to be tossed around!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Here we go...

I am currently updating the stamped list...So now here we go with some stuff...

First off...Affiliates...We are now affiliated with:

weiss_rate Weiss Kreuz Rating
mai_stamps Mai Hime Stamps
renkin_rating Busou Renkin Rating
arrancar_rating Arrancar Rating
ankusabi_rating Ai no Kusabi Rating
bebop_ratings Cowboy Bebop Rating
puri_puri_rate Princess Princess Rate

Now for stamps...Everyone is updated on being stamped thanks to arizonaicerose, but we got osme w ho need votes and if they don't get votes they'll get stamped...

Mirror Theme Apps:

sephiraprincess =^_^=Click here to vote Has 3 votes for Nanami, 2 votes for Ran & 2 votes for Ichikawa
sk_chan =^_^=Has a tie Click here to break it 3 votes for Matsuri; 1 vote for Ayano; 3 votes for Nanami
bakatashi Stamped as looking like Shinichiro

Match Theme:

bakatashi =^_^=Clickie here to vote 1 vote for Matsuri; 1 vote for Yoru; 3 votes Shinichiro; 2 votes for Sora

Regular Stamps;

forbiddenreplica: =^_^=Click here to vote 3 votes for Gaku and 2 vote for Hiromu
crsg =^_^=Click Here 3 votes for Sunao
sk_chan =^_^=Restamp-Vote Here"> 3 votes Shinichiro
cupcaketime =^_^=Needs more votes 3 votes for Matsuri
pocky_please =^_^=Needs more votes 3 votes for Nanami
sephiraprincess =^_^=Restamp...Needs votes Has 2 Votes for Sunao

Well that's all who need votes...Also we're gonna have a new theme...It's gonna be a friendship theme...I'm in the middle of making the application for it...So please be patient...
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